Carniola (Krain)


Carniola (in Slovenian Kranjska) is a traditional and historical region of Slovenia. The region is divided into Gorenjska (Oberkrain), Dolenjska (Unterkrain) and Notransjka (Innerkrain). Over the years, the region has been part of various countries and states, such as Bavaria, Austria and Italy. Between 1809 and 1814, Krain was even part of France. Gorenjska was once part of the empire of Charlemagne and had a German-speaking minority. In World War II, it was annexed and emplaced by the Nazis. After the war, the German inhabitants were expelled to Austria and Germany.


One of the oldest cities

At the foot of the Steiner Alps lies Kamnik, one of the oldest cities in Slovenia. The medieval center with cobbled streets still breathes the atmosphere of the 15th century. It was once an important trading center between Ljubljana and Celje.

Škofja Loka

Medieval gem

The medieval town of Škofja Loka is a popular tourist gem. On the cozy cobblestone streets are stately mansions, some of which date from the time of the Turkish raids.


The coziest capital in Europe

One of the smallest European capitals is also one of the nicest. Ljubljana is the Slovenian word for "love" and this city radiates that too. The formerly colorless Eastern Bloc city has grown into a beautiful and pleasant city.

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