Porto e Norte de Portugal


The district of Porto e Norte de Portugal, as the name implies, is located in the north of Portugal. The main city is Porto, known for the port wines exported from there all over the world.

Porto centro

The old city

The old part of Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A walk through the narrow streets takes you past beautiful buildings and offers beautiful views over the Douro.

Porto Vila nova

Center of the port

From Porto you look out over the Douro at Vila Nova de Gaia. Here is the epicenter of global postage trading. When you buy a ticket for the cable car to the monastery you get a voucher for a port in one of the many port tastings.

Porto Douro

On and along the Douro

Porto has 'antique' trams that run along the Douro to Foz de Douro. You can enjoy this river at a snail's pace. And from the numerous tour boats the bridges over the Douro can be viewed. In short, the Douro is an attraction in itself.

Porto moderno

The modern city

Porto has a lively modern part where very modern department stores are housed. Scattered around this part of the city are many beautiful buildings that are worth seeing.

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