Those who enjoy a beach holiday in a warm and beautiful country often travel to the Adriatic coast. Certainly after the fall of Yugoslavia, this part of Croatia can look forward to the arrival of large numbers of tourists. Istria, where the inland hides many beautiful places, is particularly popular.


Old fortified city

A number of old fortresses can still be found on Istria. On a limestone hill lies Bale, a beautifully preserved town with a 15th century castle and narrow streets that circle the center.


Old fortified city

Where there used to be a Roman settlement on a hill, now lies the old town of Buje. The Venetian influences can still be clearly seen in this town. The 16th century Serveluskerk is built in Baroque style and is well worth a visit.


Medieval city

A very popular medieval town on Istria is Grožnjan. This town was bought by Venetians in 1358 and remained mainly in the hands of Italians until the Second World War. After their departure, artists took over this village. A walk through the town is almost a museum visit.


Walled village

Svetvinčenat is a walled village with, according to many, the most beautiful square in Istria. In this old village there is a castle from the 13th century and a church with frescoes from the 15th century.


A village as a pension

Once a Roman legionary received a piece of land with a village as a pension after his service. Visnjan has only a little more than 600 inhabitants and seems to be a place in peace.


Mummies in the church

Venetian merchants and nobles have left their mark in Vodnjan. Many houses from that period are still there. You can walk through narrow alleys and through numerous underpasses. And in one of the many churches, mummies of Saints are kept.


Fishing town

Fažana, also known as the pearl of the west coast, is located on the west side of Istria. The small port is not only used by tourists. This fishing town is known for its sardines and mackerel. The town itself is picturesque.

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