Since the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Balkan country of Croatia has gained even more popularity among sun seekers. Most choose a beach holiday in Istria or look for places along the Dalmatian coast. More than a thousand islands can be found here. But the interior of Croatia also has a lot to offer. The capital Zagreb on the river Sava has a rich history and offers many interesting places.


Croatia as a camper country

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In Croatia, overnight stays are permitted outside the official camping grounds only with the permission of the local police force. There are specially designated parking areas where campers can stay overnight for a fee. Many campsites also have a special section for campers for an overnight stay with a lower rate.

> Motorhomes heavier than 3500 kg are only allowed to use the two outer lanes on three-lane highways. Within the built-up area only the outer lane.

> Holding a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, even for cyclists. Hands-free calling is allowed.

> In the camper, reflective vests, a warning triangle (two if with trailer), a first-aid kit, spare lamps and a tow rope are mandatory.

> Traffic on a roundabout has priority.

> When overtaking, direction must be indicated as long as the overtaking action takes.

> School buses may not be overtaken at a stop.

> Parking spaces are indicated by lines. Cities like Zagreb have parking zones with different rates and parking times. Pay close attention to that.

> If you come to the side of the road with a breakdown, a reflective vest is mandatory, as well as a warning triangle 100 meters away and warning lights. When there is also a trailer behind the vehicle, two warning triangles must be placed next to each other.

> From the last Sunday in October to the last Sunday in March, it is compulsory to use low beam, even during the day (ie during winter time).

> Loads on the back of the motorhome that protrude more than 20 cm (also a bicycle carrier) must have a reflective white sign with red stripes of 50x50 cm. This can be the same sign as is mandatory in Italy. At night and in poor visibility, this sign should also be lit!

> Cyclists must wear a reflective vest at night and in poor visibility.


Croatia as a motor country

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It is prohibited in Croatia to have a passenger on a motorcycle who has an alcohol content of more than 0.5 per mille in his blood or who is under the influence of drugs.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists