Trentino – South Tyrol


The Trentino - South Tyrol region consists of the provinces of Trento and South Tyrol. The latter is a province that feels more closely related to Austria than to Italy. It is therefore German-speaking, unlike Trento, which has Italian as its official language. Almost the entire region is mountainous.


City of two cultures

The largest city in Trentino is Bolzano. Here the German and Italian culture come together. That is why the city is also called Bozen in German.


Smallest town with city rights

The beautiful town of Glurns has been burned down and rebuilt several times. It is the smallest town in South Tyrol with city rights.


Overnight place

The town of Welsberg-Taisten is located in the Pustertal. You can walk to this nice place from the free camper place next to the station. The cemetery at the Church of the Virgin Mary is also worth a visit.

Beautiful routes

Monte Baldo

Motorcycle ride at Lake Garda
- part 1 -

East of Lake Garda lies the mountain range Monte Baldo that forms the border with the valley of the Adige. We drive a route with the motorcycle and enjoy the beautiful views. And along the way we visit a pilgrimage church that seems to be stuck to the rocks.

This route is also suitable for campers.


Motorcycle ride at Lake Garda
- part 2 -

From the mountain range of Monte Baldo we drive around the Scanuppia nature reserve to end up in the capital of Trentino-South Tyrol.

This route is also suitable for campers.


Small mountain pass in the Dolomites

The Furkelpass also called Furkelsattel or simply the Furkel, is a 1789 m high mountain pass in the Dolomites.

Deze route is ook voor campers geschikt.

Strada delle Vette

Not for beginners!

We intended to drive the Strada Panoramica delle Vette between Comeglians and Ravascletto, but snow unfortunately blocked the road. But even the part of the route that we could drive to the top at Refugio Chiadinas remains an experience. But it is not a route for beginners!

Route is not suitable for campers.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists