Piedmont is at the foot of the mountains, which is also what this name means in Italian. The region borders both Switzerland and France. In the north we find the mountains of the Alps, with the highest mountains being the Grenszgipfel (4618 meters) and the Gran Paradiso (4061 meters). In the southeast lies the Po Valley and the landscape is hilly. Tourist is really only the area around Lake Maggiore discovered by the traveler. Compared to other regions, Piedmont is not yet highly developed tourist tourism.


Tourist town

Located on Lake Maggiore, Cannobio is a real tourist resort. This place existed 1000 years before Christ. The narrow and steep alleys invite you to stroll along shops with local products.


Medieval town

Domodossola is actually a large village, located on the south side of the Simplon Pass. It still has a beautifully preserved medieval core and in the Piazza Mercato are baroque houses with beautiful galleries.


Beautiful place

Orta is located on a peninsula in the lake of the same name. The full name of this beautiful town on the smallest Alpine lake in Italy is Orta San Giulio.

Sacro Monte


In memory of Francis, a number of buildings have been placed on a hill near Orta, which depict the life of this monk with almost 400 terracotta statues. Sacro Monte is definitely worth a visit.

Orta wandeling


A walk along the edge of the peninsula on which Orta San Giulio is located will take you to nice places. The panorama changes regularly
and the view is fantastic.

Cycling routes

Rondje Ortameer

Bicycle tour around lake

Cycling in Italy is unfortunately not as we are used to in the Netherlands. A round along Lake Orta is difficult to make, but it does take you to beautiful places. The route chosen by us contains a very steep part that can only be walked on foot! For the mountain bikers there is even still a piece of single track in!

Beautiful routes


Camper route along mountain lakes

We descend along the western flank of Lago Maggiore until after Verbania we can make the crossing to Lago d'Orta. We pass an area that was and is the ideal holiday spot for many celebrities.

Mont Cenis

Motorcycle ride over col

From Italy we take the pass that was probably also used by Hannibal with his elephants to attack Rome from the north: the Col du Mont Cenis with a height of 2081 meters.

This route is also suitable for campers!

Tips for campers and motorcyclists