One of the smallest regions in Italy is Liguria. Its location on the Ligurian Riviera makes this region an attractive tourist destination. The Flower Riviera is known, which runs from the French border to the town of Andora. The region has many beautiful places, of which the Cinque Terre are best known. This coast has a mild maritime climate, with temperatures in winter barely falling below zero degrees. But when it rains, it can also fall from the sky with large containers!

Cinque Terre

Five seaside villages

As many as five villages side by side are included
on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
Since mechanized transport between these
5 villages (Cinque Terre) is hardly possible,
a hiking trail offers a solution.
This path zigzags through the mountains along the coast and offers beautiful views of the villages and the Mediterranean Sea.


Chic port city

On the Ligurian coast is a beautiful old fishing village of which a replica was built in Florida: Portofino. The harbor is a permanent anchorage for the High Society, which is only too happy to show up.


Colorful town

The colorful town of Rapallo is located on the Gulf of Tigullio. The beach is small, but
the marina great.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists