Italy is a versatile country. In the north, the Alps offer the opportunity for great motorbike enjoyment, or the many lakes can provide entertainment. If you descend through the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany to the heel of the boot, you end up in areas that are not yet overrun by tourists. Unfortunately we have not been there yet, but that is planned.

We use the regional classification for Italy. The map below shows the regions of Italy.


Italy as a camper country

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If there is a country with challenging routes for the motor home owner, it is Italy.

> If you do not find a motorhome for an overnight stay, you can do so in regular parking spaces, also along highways.

> Specific rules apply to winter tires.

> Italy has a restricted access zone in many cities. Violation will be severely punished.

> Holding a mobile phone is prohibited even when the vehicle is stationary.

> On narrow roads, heavier vehicles have priority over lighter vehicles.

> Rising traffic has priority over falling traffic. PO boxes always have priority.

> Motorhomes do well to include a type L adapter plug in their equipment for the electricity.

> A bicycle rack on the back of the motorhome must always be fitted with a square reflective warning sign (plastic or metal) of 50 x 50 cm, which is white with 5 diagonal red stripes.


Italy as a motor country

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The motorcyclist must wear a helmet with the ECE 22 standard. It is strictly monitored. Violating relatively light traffic rules can already be severely punished. The engine can even be confiscated. It is said that it is even forbidden to greet other motorcyclists on the way.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists