The Alpine country Switzerland consists of 26 cantons. The country has a long history of neutrality and is not a member of the European Union. Although you can also pay with Euros, the official currency is the Swiss Franc. Three official languages are spoken, namely German, Italian and French. In some places people still speak the old Romansh. Switzerland has a great diversity of landscapes. The highest mountains are in the south and east. The north and center are less mountainous. The only Swiss National Park, the largest protected area in the country, is located in the canton of Graubünden.


Switzerland as a motorhome country

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Switzerland has specially designed and designated parking spaces for campers. In addition, there are also SwissTerroir motorhome pitches. Of course there are also many campsites, because free camping is unfortunately not allowed, although the rules may differ per canton.

> A toll vignette is required on the motorways.

> For campers heavier than 3500 kg, a surcharge, the so-called Schwerverkehrsabgabe, must also be paid. This surcharge is mandatory for all roads! Also on days when the camper is not driven, for example when it is on a campsite.

> In winter conditions, snow chains may be required on certain routes.

> In the mountains, rising traffic always takes precedence. Post cars have absolute priority, then trucks with trailers, then buses and trucks.

> On a Bergpoststrasse, recognizable by a blue square sign with a yellow signal horn, the post driver's instructions must be followed.

> Dipped beam is compulsory during the day.

> A driver of a vehicle must pay full attention to traffic. Having a distracting conversation and operating navigation equipment or radio can even lead to a fine. Hands-free calling is allowed but is not recommended as it can be distracting.

> Trams always have priority, unless they drive onto a priority road. Trams also take precedence over pedestrians at a crosswalk.

> When parking on steep slopes, a gear must be engaged in addition to the parking brake. If necessary, the wheel can also be driven against the curb or wheel blocks can be used.

> Sound signals must be given in confusing places outside built-up areas. However, excessive or unnecessary use of the horn is prohibited.

> Cyclists going faster than 20 km per hour are obliged to wear a bicycle helmet.


Switzerland as a motor country

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The Alpine passes are pre-eminently the touring area of Switzerland. The roads are often of excellent quality.

> It is forbidden to drive in a traffic jam between the rows of stationary or slow-moving cars.

> It is forbidden to drive side by side.

> Glasses or contact lens wearers are required to carry spare glasses or lenses.

> Navigation equipment with a speed monitoring snapping function is prohibited. If it is on, this can lead to a hefty fine. It is strictly monitored!

Tips for campers and motorcyclists