In population numbers, Hainaut is the second largest province in Belgium. The province owes that position to the heyday when mining took place here, but also to the decayed industry around glass, steel and chemicals. The province is rich in industrial heritage due to its past. The official language in Hainaut is French, although many places also have a Dutch name, such as the capital Mons, which is also called Bergen.

Scheepslift Strépy-Thieu

Scheepslift Strépy-Thieu

Modern ship lift

One of the measures taken by the Belgian government in the 1990s to modernize water transport was to tackle the Center Canal. But before that, a height difference of more than 70 meters had to be overcome!


City with a rich past

The city of Mons or Bergen has a rich past, but today it is more of a care center than an industrial region. Buildings from the rich past can still be found there.


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