A visit to our southern neighbors guarantees conviviality, delicious food and tasty beers. But there is more to see and experience. The language borders should not be an obstacle to this.


Belgium as a camper country

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In Belgium there are enough camper places. And if there are not, it is allowed to park in a parking lot for a maximum of 24 hours. Running the engine unnecessarily is punishable in Belgium and cruise control is not always permitted.


Belgium as a motor country

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It seems an unnecessary rule, but in Belgium it is mandatory to wear gloves, a long coat, long pants and sturdy high shoes that protect the ankles. As well as an approved brand helmet.

> If you get into a traffic jam, you can drive through the slow or stationary traffic at a maximum speed of 50 km / h. But the difference with other traffic should not exceed 20 km / h.

> If you park in a car compartment with multiple motorcycles, you only have to pay once.

> Parking on the sidewalk is also allowed, provided that there is one and a half meters of space left to pass.

> Bus lanes may be driven when indicated by a sign.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists