Anyone thinking of a holiday in the Alps will involuntarily think of Tyrol. This is not surprising because the highest mountain in Austria, the Groß Glockner, is located in Tyrol. This state is home to most mountain ranges and well-known valleys such as Zillertal, Stubaital and Ötztal, where tourists like to settle in both summer and winter. The southern part of Tyrol has belonged to Italy since World War II.


The city of sun

Where the Drau and Isel meet, Lienz likes to present himself as die Sonnenstadt. And when the sun shines it is indeed a colorful city with beautiful buildings and an interesting city market.

Schloss Bruck en St. Andrä

Schloss Bruck en St. Andrä

History in Lienz

Just outside Lienz are two monumental and historic buildings. Schloss Bruck was once a count's residence and now houses the city museum. The Stadtpfarrkirche St. Andrä is the oldest church in the city and has been transformed into a Gothic basilica.


Capital of the Alps

The medieval capital of Tyrol is a popular tourist destination in both winter and summer. Innsbruck has numerous medieval buildings and the crowd puller is undoubtedly the "Goldene Dachl".

Beautiful routes

Pustertaler Höhenstrasse

Pustertaler Höhenstrasse

Most beautiful panoramic road
from Tyrol

Southwest of Lienz is a panoramic road that is said to be the most beautiful in Tyrol. We drove the Pustertaler Höhenstraße from Abfaltersbach to Leisach and enjoyed the view of the Dolomites along the way.

This route is not prohibited for campers.
We do not recommend long campers for this route.

Staller Sattel

Waiting for green light

The 2052 meter high mountain pass Staller Sattel is located on the border between Austria and Italy. This pass is special because traffic to South Tyrol has a green light during the first quarter of an hour and traffic to East Tyrol during the third quarter of every hour.

This route is prohibited for caravans and buses.
This also applies to long campers.

Beautiful cycling routes

Potsdamer Hütte

Cycling to a mountain hut

Most tourists explore the Alps by hiking. But the electric bicycle nowadays makes it possible to reach great heights by cycling. We cycled almost to the Potsdamer Hütte in the lovely Fotschertal.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists