The state of Salzburg, which is also called Salzburger Land to distinguish it from the capital of the same name, is often associated with music. No wonder because Mozart was born in the city of Salzburg and 'The Sound of Music' is also largely recorded in the Salzburger Land.


City of Mozart

Enough time must be taken to visit Salzburg. There is so much to see and taste that even several visits are recommended. This birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart breathes the atmosphere of his music and the many monumental buildings are a feast for the eyes.

Beautiful routes


Highest accessible point

During our ride on the Großglockner High Alpine Road, we took a moment to drive from the pass to the highest point: the Edelweißspitze. It is a dead end that leads to a parking lot for which the mountain had to be shortened by 6 meters.

This road is not suitable for campers other than campervans.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists