Upper Austria


Upper Austria is centrally located in the north of Austria. This state borders on Germany and the Czech Republic. Geographically it can be divided into four historic quarters, the Mühlviertel, Traunviertel, Innviertel and Hausruckviertel. The first three are named after the rivers flowing through the area (Grote and Kleine Mühl, Traun and Inn). Hausruckviertel is named after the Hausruck ridge. The north of Upper Austria is wooded and here we find the foothills of the Bohemian Forest. The low-lying Danube Valley with historic cities such as Linz and Steyr forms the center and in the south is an iconic landscape of lakes and rugged mountains of the famous Salzkammergut, which for a quarter of its area belongs to Styria.


Elongated waterfall

From Salzkammergut, salt used to be transported over the Traun towards the Danube. The Traunfall had to be passed, an elongated waterfall that is difficult for ships to pass. Now the Traunfall is a paradise for tourists and divers.

Cycling routes

Naar Almsee

The Alm and trout

From the campsite in Scharnstein we made a bicycle trip to the Almsee. An interesting route that runs parallel to the Alm and leads you through beautiful places. And on the way back you will pass a kiosk where you can enjoy a delicious grilled trout.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists