Carinthia was created in 1920, after the First World War was lost, from the main part of the Duchy of Carinthia, a "crown country" within the Austrian Empire. Initially, the former Yugoslavia made claims in this area, but this was prevented. Carinthia is seen as the sunny south of Austria with a landscape full of high peaks and rolling mountain crests. More than 1,200 lakes can be found here. An ideal area for rest, but also for beautiful trips.

Maria Luggau

Church on a wheat field

In a vision, a farmer's wife was once commissioned to build a church on a wheat field. Not everyone was there to jump, but eventually a church was built and the Franciscans took care of it. In addition to the Maria Schnee church, a monastery was created and the village was given the name Maria Luggau.

Beautiful routes

Drautal en Gaital

Touring Drautal and Gaital

From Lienz we made a motorcycle trip that took us through two known valleys and where we did not really have to overcome height differences. The Drautal, which extends to Slovenia, is the most important valley in Carinthia. After a short crossing we arrived in the Gailtal which brought us from east to west again.

This route is also easy to drive for campers.


Most beautiful panoramic road

In the Alps there are many roads that are said to be the most beautiful. For example, many consider Nockalmstrasse to be one of the most beautiful in Carinthia. The 35-kilometer route is therefore a must on the list of tourist Alpine roads.

This route is also easy to drive for campers.


Enjoy at a great height

We took the motorbike to drive the Großglockner High Alpine Road. From Heiligenblut we drove north to Bruck. On the way we took some time to take the Gletscherstraße to the second highest point of the route, the Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe.

This route is also easy to drive for campers.
Note: it is a toll road.


Highest accessible point

During our ride on the Großglockner High Alpine Road, we took a moment to drive from the pass to the highest point: the Edelweißspitze. It is a dead end that leads to a parking lot for which the mountain had to be shortened by 6 meters. Although the road is officially located in the territory of the state of Salzburg, it makes sense to show it also under Carinthia.

This road is not suitable for campers other than campervans.

Seeberg Sattel

Wachten op skaters

Met de camper reden we vanuit het Oostenrijkse Keutschach over de Seebergsattel (in het Sloveens Jezerski vrh) naar Tupaliče in Slovenië. Ten tijde van onze passage werd de helling aan de Oostenrijkse zijde gebruikt voor een wedstrijd met skateboards waardoor we noodgedwongen een tijdlang moesten wachten.

This route is also easy to drive for campers.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists