For many, Austria is the country of the mountains. The country is 68% above 500 meters. Beautiful motorcycle tours can be made, but also beautiful places to visit. Austria is divided into nine federal states.


Austria as a camper country

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Unfortunately, it cannot be said of Austria that it is camper-friendly. Campsites will often have to be used. If you are transiting through Austria, you may spend a maximum of one day overnight outside a campsite or motorhome. But not in Vienna, Tyrol or in the National Parks. Austria is also strict when it comes to the permissible weight of the camper!


Austria as a motor country

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The Alpine passes are pre-eminently the touring area of Austria. The roads are often of excellent quality.

> A traffic rule that deviates is the rule that motorists are allowed to overtake motorcycles if a overtaking prohibition applies. The opposite is not allowed.

> And in a traffic jam, only stationary cars may be overtaken carefully.

> It is forbidden to drive between traffic jams on motorways. This space is only intended for emergency services.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists