North Holland


In the sixteenth century, North Holland was one of the most important provinces of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. Much of the prosperity can still be found in the many beautiful villages. Located between the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer, this province is very varied in composition. The urban areas are located in the south part of the North Sea Canal, densely populated but with a scenic character. Here the landscape is not completely flat and there are many forests in it. To the north of the North Sea Canal, smaller towns and villages lie in a flat landscape. The best known are the Zaanstreek, the Beemster and Wieringermeer. The Wadden island of Texel is part of North Holland and is a popular tourist resort for Germans in particular. On the west coast there are well-known seaside resorts in the dunes, such as Zandvoort, Wijk aan Zee, Egmond aan Zee and Bergen. Despite the fact that the capital of the Netherlands is located in North Holland, Haarlem is the capital of the province.

Fish smoking competition

The old fishing village of Oosterend is partly a protected village view. The striking Sint Maartenskerk is centrally located. And on the second Saturday of September, a fish smoking competition is held annually.

City rich in history

The Golden Age brought great prosperity to Hoorn. The prosperity from the period with the Dutch East India Company can still be admired in the pleasant streets and beautiful squares.

Emotional history

The Dutch East India Company is an important part of Hoorn's history. From the port of this place people traveled and traded all over the world. Unfortunately, history is not always positive.

Small port

The smallest of the West Frisian ports is Medemblik. Medemblik Castle, also known as Radboud Castle, served as a hiding place for Rembrandt's Night Watch during the Second World War.

Beautiful cycling routes

West Frisian houses

We cycle through West Friesland to Hoorn and pass places such as Midwoud, Zwaagdijk, Blokker and Nibbixveen. Along the way we marvel at the many beautiful and well-maintained houses.

Protected village scene

A beautiful cycling route through Westfriesland took us past Twisk to Medemblik. The town of Twisk is a protected village and has the highest concentration of cloche farms in West Friesland.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists