The southernmost province of the Netherlands shares its name with the neighboring Belgian province of Limburg. The name was introduced by King Willem I in 1815 and derived from the old duchy of Limburg. Geographically, the province is largely characterized by its location on the river Maas, from Eijsden in the south to Mook in the north. The narrow and elongated shape of the province has historically been determined by the course of this river mainly for strategic reasons. South Limburg is popular with many tourists because of its idyllic and challenging hilly landscape, but there are also beautiful places to discover in the rest of the province!


Protected face of the state

Already in the Middle Ages there was a settlement where Eijsden now lies. The historical core is a protected national face. The Castle of Eijsden was once used by Prince William III of Orange. And also take the foot ferry to Ternaaien to visit the lock there.



Episcopal see

Where the Roer flows into the Maas is Roermond. The city is also the seat of the bishop in Limburg. The architect was a famous resident of the city
Pierre Cuijpers.


White town

The town of Thorn, located on the Belgian border, is unique in the Netherlands. To avoid taxation by the French, the poor residents used to brick up many windows and whitewashed the walls to hide this masonry. The beautiful white town has many national monuments.

US Begraafplaats

American memorial

During the advance to Berlin in World War II, the Americans accounted for large losses. They therefore sought a location for an emergency cemetery and found it in Margraten. In 1947, this location was given a permanent destination and the emergency cemetery was redesigned as an American Field of Honor for 8301 killed and the names of the 1722 missing soldiers were mentioned on the walls on Ereplein.

Cycling routes



Marl land
- part 1 -

South Limburg is not only a beautiful motorcycle tour area. There is also a lot to enjoy by bike here. Using the Fietsknoop app, a route through the Mergelland is traveled from Hoogcruts to the Vaalserberg past beautiful places such as Slenaken. A large part of the route even runs through Belgian Limburg with places like Sippenaeken and Teuven.


Marl land
- part 2 -

From the Vaalserberg we again find our way through the Mergelland from Vaals to Beutenaken and pass places like Vijlen and Mechelen. Part of the route follows the 'Fietsknoop' app.


Marl land
- part 3 -

We cycle through South Limburg again, this time from Gulpen to Lemiers. On this route we take a look at two of the most famous beer brands from Limburg, the Gulpener beer and Brand from Wijlre.


Marl land
- part 4 -

The Mergelland (Marl land) takes its name from the marl in the soil (also known as loess or chalk). This is where our roots lie and of course the route goes through places where my brothers and I grew up. The route leads from Mamelis at Vaals via the German Orsbach, Nijswiller, Wahlwiller, Wittem and Party to Terlinden.

De Meinweg

NP De Meinweg

De Meinweg National Park is located in the border region of the Netherlands and Germany. We take the bicycle and drive from Roermond through this beautiful nature reserve.

Lange Vlieter

Lange Vlieter

Roermond is the starting point of a bike ride to a gravel quarry called Lange Vlieter. The scenery we cycle through is the Maasplassen.

Beautiful routes

Zuid-Limburg 1

Motorcycle ride South Limburg

The hilly South Limburg always invites for a beautiful motorcycle ride. The route in part 1 of our ride passes through numerous villages on both Dutch and Belgian territory, often with beautiful half-timbered houses and old farmhouses that have sometimes been converted into beautiful catering establishments. The tour takes you past Merkelbeek, Brunssum, Amstenrade, Schinnen, Vaesrade, Terschuren, Heerlen, De Beitel, Imstenrade, Hulst, Simpelveld, Broek, Bocholtz, Bocholtzerheide, Baneheide, Wahlwiller, Mechelen, Schweiberg, Slenaken, Hoogcruts, Noorbeek, Mheer, Libeek , Withuis, Moelingen (B), Lanaye (B), Bassange (B) and Kanne (B) to Maastricht.

Although there are some narrow passages in the route,
can also be driven by campers.

Zuid-Limburg 2

Motorcycle ride South and Central Limburg

Beautiful villages are not only located in the hilly country. They are also located between the Maas and the Juliana Canal. We continue our journey from South to Central Limburg along Sint-Pieter, Maastricht-center, Bunde, Geulle aan de Maas, Meers, Urmond, Nattenhoven and Obbicht to Grevenbicht-Papenhoven.

Although there are some narrow passages in the route,
can also be driven by campers.

Dorp na dorp

Motorcycle ride Central Limburg

There are many villages in Central Limburg that have come under different government in the course of history. The location between the Maas and the Juliana Canal also makes these quiet villages special places. The route runs successively through Herkenbosch, Melick, Sint Odiliënberg, Lerop, Linne, Brachterbeek, Maasbracht, Stevensweert, Ohé en Laak, Aasterberg, Roosteren, Ophoven (B), Geistingen (B), Kessenich (B), Thorn, Wessem, Panheel , Heel, Beegden and eventually Roermond.

Although there are some narrow passages in the route,
can also be driven by campers.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists