The second largest province in the Netherlands is located in the central eastern part of the Netherlands and borders Germany to the east. The province has a lot of variation. Nijmegen and Arnhem, the capital, are the largest cities. The Veluwe is the most famous nature reserve, but the Achterhoek and the Betuwe are also attractive areas for tourists. The Rhine, the Waal and the IJssel flow through the province and the border with North Brabant is formed by the Maas. The many forests and the hilly Posbank area invite to bicycle and motorcycle tours. Numerous castles or ruins can be found throughout the province.

Highest point

The town of Aalten is located at the highest point in the Achterhoek, at 31 meters. This town owes its development to the former horn industry. The Markt is a protected village view.

Fortress and book city

Once a fortress, nowadays the National Book City. Bredevoort is the place for 2nd hand books and books that are no longer printed. Numerous beautiful houses can be admired.

Cycling routes

Mills and castles

Gelderland has many castles that are carefully managed by the Geldersch Landschap and Kasteelen. Although you expect a castle with towers and a moat at a castle, not all Gelderland castles can still be recognized as such. You will also find many different windmills. We make a tour by bike past a number of "castles" and windmills
around Ede.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists