The largest province in the Netherlands in terms of area is a holiday destination par excellence. Germans in particular know how to find this water-rich province. It is also the only province with an official language of its own, which they are only too happy to share. The appeal of Friesland is the variety of landscapes, such as the Wadden area, the Veenpolders and Gaasterland. Friesland also pays a lot of attention to local traditions and folklore. In short, a wonderful holiday destination, also for Dutch people!



Hindeloopen is one of the eleven cities that are visited during the traditional Elfstedentocht. We visited this town when there were demonstrations of folk dances and performances.


Museum visit

Those who visit Hindeloopen cannot miss a visit to the 1st Frisian Ice Skating Museum. This unique museum is the largest and most complete in this area. And for the price, you don't have to leave it.


Frisian tourist village

Eernewoude, or in Frisian Earnewâld, is a village in the municipality of Tietjerksteradeel. The village is adjacent to the National Park De Oude Venen and is a stage for skûtsjesilen. In the Reformed Church there is a beautiful pulpit that shows the connection with the water.

Cycling routes

De Oude Venen

The Old Fens

From Earnewâld we make a bike ride that partly leads through the National Park De Alde Feanen (the Old Fens). Along the way we see many beautiful houses that have such a typical Frisian appearance.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists