Grand-Est is easily accessible to us. The area still bears the scars of the First World War and around Verdun the memorial to the horrors is kept alive through monuments. And especially around the Meuse there are also many nice places to discover.



Double city

Charleville-Mézières is a charming double city in the French Ardennes with a beautiful square and a unique puppet clock.

La Bresse

Sculpture festival

A sculpture festival takes place every year in La Bresse. Those interested can get an insight into the applied techniques.



A special place with an interesting history is the St. Hilaire cemetery of Marville. In addition to the villagers, there are also buried lepers and Canadians, especially children of Canadian soldiers. And there is an charnel house.

Thanks to Joop and Ineke for the tour


Verdun Mémorial


World War I left major scars in the Verdun area. Against all odds, the area has recovered from all those chemical warfare agents. The Mémorial Verdun is located in the middle of the former battlefield. Beautiful memorial places have been set up to make the misery of this great war tangible. From war graves to charnel house, from viewpoint to museum, it is all there to see.



Montmédy is located above Verdun, against the Belgian border. Over the years, an old castle on a hill has been turned into a true fortress, in part thanks to the well-known military master builder Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban. This citadel was part of the northern defense of France and has experienced numerous wars. A visit to this fortress is highly recommended. A Dutch map and guide is available.

Thanks to Joop and Ineke for the tour.


European city

The capital of Grand-Est is also a special city in the European Union. Strasbourg has a history of annexations and border corrections. The old part of the Ill is definitely worth a visit.


City of WW-I

Verdun gained fame for the greatest battle in the First World War. Take a walk in the city to the citadel and look out over the city and the Meuse valley.

Mont Sainte-Odile

Blind Odile

When this part of the Vosges was still in German hands, Odile, the daughter of a duke, was given a mountain that was eventually called Odilenberg. Today it is located in France and is called Mont Sainte-Odile. At the top is a monastery dedicated to Saint Odile.


City on the wine route

The old town of Molsheim used to be a university town. The Jesuit Church, which is the second largest in Alsace, dates from that time. In addition to beautiful buildings, the city also shows some remnants of the old city wall. The Old City Tower is the only gate still preserved.


Little Venice in Alsace

There is no shortage of tourists in Colmar. Most come to see little Venice with their own eyes, as one of the neighborhoods is called. Colmar is one of the best-preserved places in Alsace-Lorraine.

Château du Haut Koenigsbourg

Château du Haut Koenigsbourg

Castle with a view of the Rhine valley

One of the best-preserved castles in Alsace is without a doubt the Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg. It was once set on fire by the Swedes and restored again by Kaiser Wilhelm. Now it is a tourist attraction that also offers a beautiful view of the Rhine Valley.


Inspiration for Anton Pieck

Once named Imperial City by the king, Kaysersberg is now more touristy than imperial. Anton Pieck might have been inspired here. Nobel laureate Albert Schweizer was born here.


River under the street

There was once a large leather industry in Barr. Only one factory survived the times. The river that flows through Barr has been covered in many places in the past to get rid of the stench.

Cycling routes

Van Nothalten naar Sélestat

Van Nothalten naar Sélestat

Cycling past half-timbered houses

We cycle in Alsace from Nothalten to Sélestat and on the way enjoy the beautiful places Damblach-la-Ville and Scherwiller with their beautiful half-timbered houses.

Langs Riquewihr

Most beautiful town in Alsace

Northwest of Colmar, the town of Riquewihr is surrounded by vineyards. The town, partly surrounded by defensive walls, is known as one of the most beautiful in Alsace and is therefore also a true tourist resort. We cycled from Kaysersberg around this beautiful place.

Beautiful routes


Elzasser Weinstraße

With the camper we drove part of the wine route through Alsace. We pass Rosheim and deviate from the route at Ottrott to visit Mont Sainte-Odille. We continue the route via Barr and Itterswiller to the motorhome in Nothalten.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists