Thuringia is located in the middle of Germany. In the north you will find foothills of the Harz, while in the heart of the state lies a rolling open plain called Thuringian Basin with two rivers, the Saale and Unstrut. The south has a low mountain range with the Thuringian Forest at its core and in the southwest you will find the volcanic Rhön Mountains.


Haven of Martin Luther

In 2017, 500 years of reformation was celebrated in Germany, in which Martin Luther is central. This monk was exiled and went into hiding in the Wartburg where he worked on the translation of the New Testament into German. This beautiful castle is free to visit. And after 6 pm you can spend the night with a camper in the parking lot under the castle.


Looking for the dragon

South of Eisenach, at the foot of the Wartburg, is a unique natural phenomenon. Eternal erosion has eroded a gap that was given the name Drachenschlucht. In 1832 a walking path was constructed through this gorge.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists