Rhineland-Palatinate is located in southwestern Germany. The Rhine is the largest river in this region with historic fortresses and castles. But there are also smaller rivers such as the Ahr, located in a valley where it is nice to cycle. In this state are cozy places with many half-timbered houses.


Medieval town

Ahrweiler is the medieval part of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. It is the most beautiful town in Central Ahr. In addition to the many half-timbered houses, you can admire the beautiful sculptures and decorated facades.


Castle ruin

The town of Altenahr is located at the foot of a ruin. A walk to these remains of the Are castle guarantees a beautiful view of the village and its surroundings.


Old town on the Rhine

One of the oldest cities in Germany is Andernach. The largest camper place is prominently located on the Rhine, where you have a beautiful view of shipping.

Burg Eltz

Undamaged castle

Hidden in the hills near the Moselle is Burg Eltz, which has survived undamaged for more than eight centuries. A beautiful walking path leads to a point from which you can admire the castle in full splendor. In the castle, which has always remained family property, there still lives a countly couple who are happy to give you a tour.


Pearl on the Moselle

In the Cochemer Krampen, the beautiful town of Beilstein lies at the foot of a mountain on which lie a Carmelite monastery and the ruin of a castle.


Nice little place

There are many nice places to find in the Eifel, but the village of Monreal is really picturesque. This town in the Vulkaneifel is definitely worth a visit. However, the two castles are only remnants of what were once beautiful castles.


Oldest church in Moselle valley

Little Alken on the Moselle has a church that is one of the oldest in the Moselle valley. Burg Thurant overlooks the wide area from the vineyard.


Farmer sells city wall

The Canon Monks once ruled Münstermaifeld until they were chased away by the French. A farmer bought up their belongings and sold the bricks of the city walls as building material.

Cycling routes


Longest footbridge

We take the bicycle to cycle from Cochem an der Mosel to the longest pedestrian bridge in Germany. It hangs in the Hunsrück and connects the towns of Mörsdorf and Sosberg. The Geierlay Brücke has been a real attraction since its opening in 2015.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists