Bavaria is the richest state in Germany, also culturally. Monumental houses and people in traditional clothing are the trademark. The Alps begin in the south, where many motorcyclists find their most beautiful routes. And those who love beer will get their money's worth here!



On the way back from Lake Garda in Italy we had an overnight stay in Memmingen. Of course we visited this beautiful monumental city.


Monument of
Prussian unity

On the Michelsberg above Kelheim, an imposing building overlooks the surroundings. It is the Befreiungshalle built by order of Ludwig I of Bayern to symbolize the unity between the various Prussian peoples.


Oldest hotel

The half-timbered town of Miltenberg is located on the Main. In addition to beautiful half-timbered houses, you will also find beautifully restored statues of saints in the historic center. The "Schmuckkästchen" is by far the most beautiful building in this city.


All baroque

The university town of Eichstätt has a completely baroque appearance. In this cozy town on the Altmühl you can marvel at the many colors and diverse shapes.


That's how I know my Pappenheimers!

When we visited the town of Pappenheim, we thought we had found the Pappenheimers that Schiller meant in the play "Wallenstein's Tod". But that turned out to be only partly true. Those Pappenheimers were cavalrymen led by Gottfried Heinrich Pappenheim, who lived in this place.


Plenty of sundials!

The town of Röttingen is special because of the many sundials that are placed here and there through the town. We took the bike to find them using a map of the local tourist information. Except for a few, we found them all.

Weißenburg in Bayern

Weißenburg in Bayern

Waiting for recognition

The current Weißenburg in Bayern was a Imperial city within the Roman Empire. That should be a city of prestige. But it took years for the city to receive the honor that the inhabitants of a Rijksstad could expect.


Town on Danube and Altmühl

The charming town of Kelheim lies at the foot of the Michelsberg with the Befreiungshalle overlooking the Danube. This is where the Danube and the Altmühl converge. Several medieval gates have been preserved and all have their own story.



The spa town of Treuchtlingen is located in the Altmühltal. The spring water comes from a depth of 800 meters. This place is particularly a base for cycling and hiking trips in the area.


Most beautiful place

If there is one place in Germany that is frequented by foreigners, it is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Crowds of tourists crowd for a selfie in the most beautiful places in this colorful place.

Cycling routes

Klooster Weltenburg

Klooster Weltenburg

Wooden bridge, ferry and beer

From Kelheim we cycle via the beautiful town of Essing to the longest wooden footbridge in Germany and then cross to the Benedictine monastery Weltenburg, which is frequented, if only because of the beer brewed there. On the way we cross the Danube with a slurry ferry.

Beautiful routes

Beautiful routes

Romantische Strasse

Romantische Strasse

Romantic on the go

One of the most beautiful routes through Germany is without a doubt the Romantic Road. The route takes you past beautiful places on the border between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg that will undoubtedly give you a romantic feeling. This film shows the part of the route between Rothenburg o/d Tauber and Tauberbischofsheim.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists