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Germany is easy to reach for us and has many attractive and historical places. For motorcyclists, the Eifel, the Harz or the Black Forest are often the destinations.

We use the division into federal states. The map below shows which federal states Germany has.


Germany as a camper country

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The facilities for campers in Germany are very good.

> When there is no camper place, overnight stays can be made along the highways, on the street or in a parking lot for a maximum of 24 hours.

> Winter tires are recommended in winter conditions. However, in the event of an accident, the driver can be held liable if the winter tires are missing. In addition, the driver risks a fine and the insurance may not be willing to pay.

> Campers heavier than 3500 kg must follow the rules for trucks.

> Also note that with maximum width indications, eg with Baustellen, the size including the mirrors is meant!

> The distance to the vehicle in front must be at least a halber Tacho (so at 100 km / h that is 50 m). The police take strict action for violations!

> As a driver, you may only use a mobile phone if the vehicle's engine is switched off.


Germany as a motor country

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The roads in Germany are excellent motorways. The many mountainous and hilly regions make it an attractive country for tours. In Germany it is forbidden to slalom between slow or stationary traffic. For the rest, almost the same rules apply as in the Netherlands.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists