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The Kingdom of Norway is the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula. The coastline has more than 25,000 kilometers. Forests, fjords, glaciers and lakes characterize the wildlife of this country, said to be the happiest inhabitants in the world. A visit to this country is a true voyage of discovery, although you have to deal with the weather. And for motorhomes it is a true Eldorado because free camping is possible, but with respect for nature and the residents.


Norway as a camper country

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Most Scandinavian countries have restrictions on alcohol consumption. This also means that there are customs regulations for the import of alcoholic beverages. Keep that in mind!

If you bring a dog, keep in mind that it must be vaccinated against rabies 3 months or older and 21 days before the trip. A vet must also state in the passport that the dog has been dewormed from 24 hours to 120 hours before arrival. Certain breeds of dogs are banned in Norway, by the way! Cats also need an EU animal passport.

A maximum of 3 days may be spent in unfenced countryside. However, no house may be located within 100 meters. Of course there are also campsites and camper pitches in Norway.

Norway also has toll roads. Sometimes they are private toll roads where money has to be put in a can. Campers heavier than 3500 kg are subjected to a heavier load. With a registered Autopass tag, a lower toll rate applies.

Keep in mind that gas stations are sporadic in the middle and north of the country. Filling stations for gas cylinders are also very limited.

These are the main deviating traffic rules:

> Holding a phone by the driver of a car is prohibited, even if it is stopped in a traffic jam or at a red light.

> Drivers on a roundabout have priority over drivers who want to enter the roundabout.

> It is forbidden to park in an alternative location along narrow roads. These can be recognized by a blue sign with a white letter M.

> In the main streets of large cities it is forbidden to stand still if the sign with the text All stans verbudt is written.

> Parts of Oslo can be closed to diesel vehicles depending on air pollution. This will only be announced via radio and television!

> Winter tires are mandatory in winter weather conditions. That may even be the case in June!


Norway as a motor country

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The maximum speed on highways is 90 km / h. In many places it is allowed to drive faster. This is indicated by signs.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists