The southernmost country in Scandinavia is Denmark. In addition to this country, the Kingdom of Denmark also includes Greenland and the island group of Faroe Islands. In terms of area, Denmark is slightly larger than the Netherlands. Due to the composition of almost 400 islands, the coastline is gigantic, more than 7000 km!



Denmark as a camper country

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Denmark has enough camper pitches. Free camping is prohibited in Denmark and overnight stays are only allowed at regular campsites or nature campsites. Many campsites offer the option of Quick-stop. Then you arrive after 8 pm and leave again before 10 am. It is recommended to make a reservation.

> As a driver of a motorized vehicle, you must always give priority to cyclists.

> A traffic sign with an orange inverted Y announces the meeting of two highways. Vehicles in the inserting lane must have priority according to the zipper principle.

> Traffic on a roundabout always has priority.

> Please note that parking is only allowed for a maximum of 1 hour in Copenhagen. This is not indicated by signs.

> During the day, low beam should always be used.



Denmark as a motor country

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On highways, the maximum speed is 130 km / h. Otherwise, there are no different rules for motorcycles in Denmark.

Tips for campers and motorcyclists