West Friesland, a camper ride and delicious ice cream

We cycle through Westfriesland to Hoorn and pass places such as Midwoud, Zwaagdijk, Blokker and Nibbixveen. Along the way we marvel at the many beautiful and well-maintained houses.

The film can be found on page Noord-Holland.

The Golden Age brought much prosperity to Hoorn. The prosperity from the period with the Dutch East India Company can still be admired in the pleasant streets and beautiful squares.

The film can be found on page Noord-Holland.

With the camper we drive on the D39 from St Hippolyte-du-Fort to Lasalle through the Vallée-de-la-Salingrenque. Hippolyte is also called the Gateway to the Cevennes.

The film can be found on page Occitania.

At the foot of the Pyrenees lies the at first sight deserted town of Saint-Martory. Its location on the Garonne once guaranteed prosperity. What remains is a beautiful castle and a circus wagon in which the Dutch Kim sells delicious homemade ice cream!

The film can be found on page Occitania.

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