Capitals and bicycle tours

One of the most beautiful monument cities in the Netherlands is the capital of the province of Zeeland: Middelburg. We walk around this beautiful city built around the abbey, which also forms the center of the city.

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In 1964 and 1976, Innsbruck was the host city for the Winter Olympics. But even without these sports activities, the city is popular. In winter as well as in summer, many tourists know where to find the medieval capital of Tyrol. The city has numerous medieval buildings and the main attraction is without doubt the "Goldene Dachl".

The film can be found on page: Tyrol

In 2006 Syria was not yet in civil war and the capital Damascus could be visited. In the first part of the film about this city we visit the Suq Al-Hamadiye which is not only a large bazaar, but also a meeting place for the inhabitants of the city. Then we take a walk through the adjacent old town where artisans practice their trade on the street.

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The second part of the film about Damascus takes us through the most important sights. We take a look at the Omayyad Mosque, Al Azem Palace and Saladin's mausoleum. We conclude our visit to this lively city with a look at a beautiful hotel next to the airport, which is very modern in contrast to the rest of the city.

The film can be found on page: Special

With the help of the Fietsknoopapp we cycle a tour on Schouwen-Duiveland with the aim of a visit to Zierikzee. On the way we pass the nice town of Zonnemaire and of course we take the time to see that town.

The film can be found on page: Zeeland

Most tourists explore the Alps by hiking. But the electric bicycle nowadays makes it possible to reach great heights by bike. We almost came to the Potsdamer Hütte in the lovely Fotschertal. We completed the last part to the hut on foot.

The film can be found on page: Tyrol

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