Herod, a special garden, the Rhine and the Danube, and a small Zeeland town

Once the hill on which Breisach is located was in the middle of the Rhine. Today the river flows around it. The city with its mountain that overlooks the Rhine is a popular destination for tourists passing by cruise ship.

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With the campers we drove from Beuron to Simaringen in Baden-Württemberg. The route parallels the Danube, which has wrought its way through the Swabian Alb over the centuries. This beautiful part of the Danube Valley allows you to enjoy the steep chalk cliffs and special nature.

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Like many villages in Zeeland, Gapinge also consists of farms that once had their farm on leasehold. The entire village was once owned by the van Borsselen family and remained after that for a long time by noble families. Characteristic are the farmhouses with green and white shutters and the black and white barn doors.

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In Gapinge is a beautiful round windmill, the Graanhalm (from 1896). The windmill can be visited every Saturday, at least when the blades are rotating. Until 1962, this mill, built with 120,000 bricks, milled commercially and until 1998 it was still running. In 2015 the mill was restored and reopened festively. Volunteers cherish the mill and are happy to explain. The visit is free, but a donation is appreciated.

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From 37 BC to AD 4, Herod the Great ruled as parts of Judea as phasal king of the Romans. He had a predilection for Roman architecture, which is evident from the many structures he had erected during his reign. For example, he had the harbor of Caesarea constructed, complete with amphitheater. However, this fondness for the Romans did not make him loved by the Jews.

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Israel has many streams of faith that may or may not lay claim to certain parts of the country. The third largest stream of faith in the world has its international world center in Haifa. There they maintain the Bahai'i Gardens, a terrace garden full of pomp and circumstance. UNTSO organized an excursion to this beautiful garden for members of the staff. Wim turned out to be the only soldier among all civilian employees of the UN.

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